to six straight Final Fours

Until we get to the main race, then it be every man for himself. Do you ever get a sense during a game that youre players are letting up some? Ryan do you ahve dirt experience? I think it speaks volumes about how good a job MWR has done of managing the program. Think they can make a run the tournament? Jason What were you first thoughts when you saw the women’s bracket come out last night? The rubber bump stop had failed. Biffle I would say it’s more every for himself. always feel this could be your last race.

That would be a three ring circus. Amar Sehmi How times do you use the handbrake on these cars? It depends on our coach Peter, who probably wants to give us a half day off. I was trying to peddle it down the track and by the time the crew got to me it was too late. Think they can make a run the tournament? They’ve given me more than I’ve given them far. What’s your favorite save from your career?

I think that translated to our current as well as our organization and ownership and our coach making the proper changes to making a well rounded team all positions. The driver of Hendrick Motorsports’ No. dad took a little time, but fully accepts me for who I am now. We’ve been fortunate enough to do that. But I enjoy the old car with the old Bristol better. But you have to forget the poll ranking as some kind of basis for argument.

Not get too far ahead of ourselves.

scott later on the year the race Wholesale Jerseys From China when you won texas back april are you going to bring back that winning car back and the same notes or maybe some differant notes since the texas race is the you thoughts….

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